The Young Explorers' Guide to Historic Ivybridge

A guiding hand from the children

A new explorers' guide to Ivybridge produced by primary school children in the town has been released. The Young Explorers Guide to Historic Ivybridge shows the main landmarks in the town with illustrations and information along side by the children.

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Children from Stowford, Manor Park, Erme and Woodlands Park primary schools created the guide with assistance from professional photographers and graphic designers.

It was funded by £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery fund and had the backing of Ivybridge Town Council and Devon Arts in Schools Initiative, which encourages creativity in the community.

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Ivybridge mayor Cllr Marc Chapman praised all those involved in the project. He said: “Because one of my main interests is the youth of Ivybridge, to have something like this is really special. We have got some really talented young artists and this needs to be encouraged.”

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The guide shows a map of Ivybridge with 14 landmarks highlighted and dedicates a section to each landmark, showing illustrations by the children and pictures of the sites. The paper mill, war memorial, St John's Church and Victoria Park are some of the landmarks featured. The mayor added: “I think it is a part of Ivybridge that will be there for a long time to come.”

“There has been so much work that has gone into this project and it is really something for everyone to be proud of.”

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The guide is available from the Town Hall and the Ivybridge Bookshop & Information Centre and is excellent value at just £1.

We have made the guide available to view on this web site, with thanks to the Town Council. Just click on any of the pages to view them as larger images. If you like what you see, buy a copy!